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The SAFIR-Med Project is proud to co-organise with SESAR JU an event that will showcase some of the U-space services and use cases being researched, developed and demonstrated within the SESAR 2020 programme, aiming to make drone services for medical air mobility a reality.


We invite you to download the draft agenda to get a detailed overview of the programme. 

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SESAR JU Spotlight Event

Read all about the latest news and activities for Safe and Flexible Integration of Advanced U-Space Services Focusing on Medical Air Mobility.
17 October 2021
City of Aachen in ITS World Congress 2021
21 September 2021
Preparing SAFIR-Med Very Large Demonstration & Use Case Scenarios
05 September 2021
Droniq & DFS develop Germany's first drone traffic system 
10 August 2021
Ehang pioneering Medical Air Mobility fighting against COVID-19
31 July 2021
“Drones and sour milk” or How drones will affect our lives
16 July 2021
SAFIR-Med for an urban Air Mobility glossary: #UAMExplained Campaign is launched in social media
20 May 2021
SAFIR-Med in U-Space ConOps Workshop
05 July 2021
SAFIR-Med Very Large Demonstration is moving forward. Finalising the Concept of Operations.
16 June 2021
SAFIR-Med project is supported by an exceptional advisory board 
07 May 2021
SJU / EASA Workshop - Q&A session
07 May 2021
SAFIR-Med in EASA Event: The new design verification process for authorising drone operations in the 'specific' category medium risk - SAIL III+
26 March 2021
skeyes and SkeyDrone ready for the future of drone traffic
28 January 2021
"Kick-off" meeting of SAFIR-Med



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