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29 September 2022
SAFIR-Med in the U-Space ConOps and Research Dissemination Conference

Partners Involved: SkeyDrone


The U-space ConOps Coordination Cell organized and held its second-ever ConOps Seminar over the course of September 27th and September 28th. This informative and instructive seminar was hosted by DFS in the city of Frankfurt. Four different European U-space projects showed the results of their flight trials by giving detailed presentations and exhibitions. SkeyDrone represented the SAFIR-Med project and opined on the Concept of Operations (ConOps) for U-space.


The U-space ConOps & Research Dissemination Conference took place at the DFS Campus in Germany on September 27th and 28th, 2022. SAFIR-MED, USEPE, USPACE4UAM and ASPRID exchanged their flight trial findings.From left to right front row: Mikael shamim, Cengiz Ari, Ludovic Legros, Esther Nistal Cabañas, Olga Clara Aranda Garcia , Ole Hendrik Dale, Olivia Nunez, Tom Snyers, Andrew Hately, Mario Boyero Pérez, Albert Remiro Bellostas. Back row: Douwe Lambers, MARTIN MARRERO David, Edgar Martinavarro Armengol 

U-space is based on a set of services concerning safety, security, and efficient flight operations that are generally provided from the ground. U-space is comprised of a network of drones that provide a set of services that are generally provided from the ground and concern safety, security, and efficient flight. This ConOps describes these services, how they are used, and the environment in which they are used. The CORUS-XUAM project had published a new version of this ConOps (edition 4), but all the different U-space projects helped contribute to further its development, as they all focus on the development and demonstration of certain parts of it.

USEPE was the first to present its project, followed thereafter by USPACE4UAM and ASPRID. SkeyDrone’s Tom Snyers was the 4th to present and elaborate on U-Space operations as a SAFIR-Med representative.


SAFIR-Med exchanged findings, issues, and recommendations on the addressed operational processes, U-space services, the role of the different actors, and UJ-space system architecture. These were demonstrated within the project.  These meetings allow the rapid exchange of ideas and provide a forum in which participants may discuss U-space collectively. 

For more information on the SAFIR-Med project, please see:

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