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23 February 2023
SAFIR-Med is nominated for the Digital European Sky Awards 2023
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The SAFIR-Med project celebrates its nomination for the ‘SESAR Digital European Sky Awards’, as a testimony to our hard work and commitment to driving innovation in the aviation industry. The panel of experts has shortlisted the project in the ‘SESAR Demonstration Award’ category, recognizing our innovative work in developing and demonstrating advanced U-Space services contributing on medical air mobility.
SAFIR-MED has been a fascinating project where the teams worked tirelessly to develop and execute inter-hospital flights in populated areas. We have integrated with U-Space service providers and drone manufacturers, allowing for both strategic and tactical conflict resolution and we are proud to say that SAFIR-MED has made significant strides in enhancing medical air mobility. Moreover, the project has created a first approach for the alignment of UAM with Smart City concepts and standards by leading the development of a UAM (Urban Air Mobility) Smart City Indicators Framework. Future Needs is also leading the Communication and Dissemination activities of the project and was very happy to receive the “Dissemination Prize” by SJU, for outreaching our goals and setting our project as an example for the SESAR projects.


All partneres are honored to be among the projects that SESAR selected as the most successful in showing the benefits of SESAR innovation in live operational contexts, helping to secure stakeholder buy-in and with potential to have long-term positive impact on #ATM performance and are looking forward to continuing to push the boundaries in this field. All shortlisted projects will now progress to the next stage in the process whereby the wider ATM community and public will be able to find out more about their work and vote for their favourite at the Airspace World event, 9 March 2023, in Geneva. Our coordinator Mikael Shamim will be there to make a short pitch outlining the project objectives and key results to claim also the People’s Choice Award. This is a new initiative and the idea is to allow attendees on site to vote for to vote for their favourite SESAR R&D project out of all nine projects presented.


We invite you to join us in the Airspace World event, 9 March 2023, in Geneva and support us there castingyour vote for the SAFIR-Med project.  For more information on the shortlisted projects and the award ceremony in Geneva on the 8th March, visit 

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