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27 June 2022
SAFIR-Med Partner HUSI participating at the 2022 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Dubrovnik 
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The Hellenic U-Space Institute was invited to participate at the 2022 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), which was held with great success from the 21st to the 24th of June in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 


Dr Christos Skliros, member of HUSI, was invited to speak amongst other distinguished researchers, professors, and members of European national and transnational authorities. Dr Skliros gave two lectures on his papers ‘A Genetic Algorithm Enhanced with Fuzzy-Logic for Multi-Objective Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Path Planning Missions’ and ‘UAV path planning for offshore swarm-based missions’ during the Regular Session “Energy Efficient UAS”. In his work Dr Skliros and his co-authors developed a novel Genetic Algorithm (GA) enhanced with Fuzzy Logic (GAF) for solving the UAV multi-objective path planning problem and addresses the offline swarm based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) path planning problem for real offshore environments whilst enhancing energy requirements. 

In addition to its work in assisting urban authorities realize their role in machining the first steps towards the world of UAS, promote the development of sustainable infrastructure and contribute to creating a positive relationship between local and national authorities and the world of Urban Air Mobility through the SAFIR-Med project and its private work; the Hellenic U-Space Institute aims to produce and promote novel technological systems to bring the future we envision to our present. In the context of this, Dr Skliros presented the Institute’s current work in the SAFIR-Med project and that of its partners, in simulated urban demonstrations of the novel telemetry, detect and avoid and command and control systems developed in the project. The SAFIR-Med project conception as a whole, facilitates an important discussion in events similar to ICUAS, highlighting the importance of representing a holistic value chain and diverse stakeholders, as well as the significance of applying innovative technology in practical exercise, validating it in authentic ecosystems and utilizing it in socially beneficial ways.  

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