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18 September 2022
SAFIR-Med partners in the IMAV Conference and Competition

Partners Involved: TUDelft, RWTH


The 13th edition of the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition IMAV 2022 took place in Delft, the Netherlands, on September 12 -16, 2022. The conference and competitions were organized by TU Delft, and our SAFIR-Med Partner RWTH was participating in the competitions and conference.


In cooperation with TU Delft, Prof. Dr. Ing. Dieter Moormann from the RWTH Aachen University presented the applications of medical drones during the IMAV conference.  The presentation was created together with Dennis van Wijngaarden and Bart Remes from TU Delft and Ann-Kristin storm from the RWTH. This talk gives a clear overview of the current status and achievements of the SAFIR-Med project. His talk can be watched in the following video:

Besides the SAFIR-Med project, TU Delft is also working on different aspects of drones. A special achievement award for the most innovative design for a controller of a new drone prototype was handed out by the international committee to SAFIR-Med project members Dennis van Wijngaarden and Bart Remes from TU Delft.


 Special Achievement Award: Most innovative design
D.C. van Wijngaarden and B. D. W. Remes, “Indi control for the oblique wing-quad plane drone,” in 13th international micro air vehicle conference, Delft, the Netherlands, 2022, p. 119–126. Prof. Dr. Ing. Dieter Moormann (RWTH) handing out the award to Dennis van Wijngaarden (TU Delft)

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